What clients have to say

Some wonderful Scaling Up success stories and client testimonials

What I love about today's workshop is that Hugh has added his own twist and bought in other resources that really add lots of value.

Wendy Agar Sunrise Way Rehabilitation

Wendy Agar

Well I find Hugh refreshing. He has got a good sense of humour, he is practical, and he is also thought-provoking.

Tracy Cooper Seechange Consulting

Tracy Cooper

Hugh was very helpful to the senior leadership team at Prosper in helping us do what is so critical - execute on our strategy. ... Hugh's experience in guiding the conversation and asking the tough questions of the leadership team really adds value.

Martin Beeche Prosper

Martin Beeche

I found the content relevant ... we're starting a new start-up which will leverage off of [my experience today]

Kylie Chivers Aspire Housing Group

Kylie Chivers

I was part of the team fortunate to spend a week in India with Hugh on Scaling Up. ... After Hugh's coaching, we now have serious, concrete, highly achievable goals that excite us all. ... The future of our company is very exciting and, with Hugh's help, the future is also crystal clear.

Kate Dwyer KOCO

Kate Dwyer

Our entire team has just finished an incredible week of working with Hugh. Because of the systems and knowledge he so generously shared, coupled with his fabulous attitude of dive-in-with-two-feet, we have become so much more focused and determined. ... has tightened our team and resulted in what will be our most productive quarter ever.

Danielle Chiel KOCO

Danielle Chiel